My Favourite Podcasts

Podcasts come in all sorts of genres, styles and lengths. There‘s an endless stream of new and exciting stories, chats and dialogues waiting to be listened to! Everyone is different, so it’s fair to say that everyone would enjoy vastly different podcasts. I’ll be sharing some of my favourites that I feel cover a wide range of subjects and genres. Although some are now no longer producing new episodes, these are the kinds of things you can enjoy over and over again.

When you want to learn something new - No Such Thing As A Fish

Hosted by Dan Schreiber, James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray and Anna Ptaszynski (aka the QI elves), this podcast discusses some of the weirdest and most obscure facts around. A sort of spin off of the BBC panel show QI, this podcast is perfect for anyone who loves a pub quiz!

If you love films - Kermode and Mayo‘s Film Review

The first podcast I ever listened too. One of my favourite teachers at school noticed that I talked way too much about films and recommended it to me. I was quickly hooked, going back through their catalog listening to the interesting, funny and usually accurate reviews of the weeks top films. If you love films, this is an amazing podcast to hear.

When you need some cheering up - The Gemma Collins Podcast

At the moment, this is one podcast I can’t get enough of. The GC‘s podcast is full of funny moments, stellar advice and Gemma Collins trademark diva-ness. Follow Gemma as she asks the big questions, shares her life experiences and thoughts on our world. I promise it will put a smile on your face!

For True Crime Lovers - The High Street Street Abduction

I haven’t listen to a lot of true crime podcasts but this one stands out. It re-tells the terrible experience of one mother, after her two year old daughter was abducted by an unlikely pair of suspects. Featuring real police recording and interviews, it paints a clear picture of these events in almost real time.

For TV lovers - Inside Inside No. 9

If a show is even a little popular, you can bet there‘s a podcast discussing and analysing every moment. This one in particular stands out for a few reasons, starting with the fact it’s its hosted by writers and stars of the show Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton. They give a real insight into the ideas and production that went in to every episode. The TV show itself is truly outstanding, so to get this little companion makes its extra special.

For Disney Fans - Disney World A to Z

Emma, the host of this podcast, does a great job at this amazingly cute and warming podcast that practically takes you to Florida while you're listening. Taking a lot at everything Disney World, Emma gives a great look into the history of parks, as well as giving out some great tips on planning your next trip.

For a little slice of happiness - Happy Place

Fearne Cotton gets together each episode with a new famous face (or voice) to chat about their life, hopes and happiness. Happiness is different for everyone so its lovely to get fresh perspective from each guest.


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