How to embrace Hygge in Lockdown

Updated: May 1

With Coronavirus making headlines globally, we could all use the much needed comfort that hygge can provide. From comfort food to family soon quizzes, we’ll be looking at some of the best ways to embrace hygge in these stressful times.

As anyone familiar with the hygge manifesto will know that there are several key pillars that make hygge what it is. We’ll be looking in to each one and how we can make them better fitting to the current climate.


Probably the most important one for the moment, atmosphere is all about what we see and feel around us. Low lighting that isn’t too harsh is prefectly created by the use of candles, something that is a essential part of making the perfect hygge atmosphere. Maybe with all the extra time, it’s a great excuse to redecorate using some danish influence.


Even though your screen time has probably shot up recently, being present in the moment is a great way to feel more in touch with others and yourself. Taking up a new hobby, like cross stitch, crochet or painting, is a great way to focus on the moment and learn a new skill.


A quick scroll through instagram and you’ll notice the rise in the popularity of baking. Nothing is nicer than tucking in to your favourite snack, fresh from the oven. Hygge is all about warming, comforting, bulky food that takes plenty of time to make. The process of making the treat is just as magical as eating it. The longer the baking process, the better. Remember, it doesn’t have to a winter themed dish, make a summer pasta salad and leave it to chill for a few hours before enjoying.


This point is all about putting the family unit (or whoever you’re lockdown with) before yourself as an individual. Make sure that chores are equally shared out and that everyone is keeping their spirits up. It’s also important that everyone feels appreciated, so even if its as small as a thank you or as big as handmade gift, make your lockdown buddies feel loved.


It might seem very hard to see the bright side right now, but remember that there is a lot to be grartful for. Try to imagine if you’d been lockdown in a other period in history, without internet, running water or Disney+. Take a few minutes everyday to think about the things we take for granted and the things that we wouldn’t ever take for granted again.


Being locked up in the same walls everyday for this long with other people is bound to cause some tension. We wouldn’t be human if a few arguments didn’t arise and if we didn’t start to find faults where we wouldn’t normally. It’s important to remember that in this scary time, things can change so quickly. Try to remember that you’re lucky to be with these people. Resolve issues by talking them through and thinking about how best to compromise so that everyone feels heard.


Comfort isn’t just about warm duvets and fluffy blankets, although that is important. Relax and take a few moments everyday to take a break from the stress of the world. If that means colouring in your favourite adult colouring book, taking five minutes to pray or meditate or even just sitting down with a cup of tea.


As I said before, it’s impossible to stay completely arguement free. Even if it’s not an all out fight, there will probably be a fair bit of shade being thrown around. Avoid this by simply dodging touchy topics like politics, of course that can be easier said than done. If you feel tensions rising, remember you can always take time out in another room or call a friend or family member to chat. Try to put yourself in the other persons shoes, and remember that they’re locked in with you, not just you with them.


Now is a great time to spend with the people you love. Even if you’re not with them, apps like zoom are being used to get together in a whole new way. Try a family quiz hosted on zoom, or maybe a talent show! It’s great to talk about what you’ve done together, what you‘re doing now and what you’ll do together once this is over. Maybe watch some vlogs of a possible future holiday destination or reminisce over old home videos.


This is so relevant. We‘re all taking shelter in our homes, so it’s a perfect time to appreciate all our homes do for us. Not only to the keep us safe and warm but they give us a chance to express

ourselves through decor and design. While it’s important to stay thankful for our lives lets not forget about those who are less fortunate right now. Charity events like the “Big Night In” are a fun but vital ways to raise much needed funds for those who need that extra support.


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