12 New Years resolutions and goals for 2020

1. Go to Food and Wine

Last time I went to the Food and Wine Festival in Epcot, it was my first visit and we barely knew anything about it. I only tried one thing, it was a bratwurst. This year I want to experience the event to the fullest and take part in as many of the extra activities that Epcot festivals bring. Now that I'm a little more experienced in Disney World tactics, I'm hoping to make the most of this years festival.

2. Lose 5 kg and maintain it

This one, I’m hoping shouldn’t be too hard but may be difficult to maintain, especially as I’ll be spending three months in Orlando with all the cupcakes and cheese fries you could imagine. It's important to feel comfortable and happy in your body, and to not fixate on size. I want to be able to get health an happy in time for Florida, mostly to make room for all those snacks!!

3. Ride all the rides in WDW and Universal Studios Orlando

Disney and Universal and constantly expanding and improving their attractions. I visited last in 2017 and so much has changed. From the new attraction in Hogsmeade, to the massive Galaxy’s Edge expansion to Hollywood Studios, there’s a lot I need to catch up on. 

4. Read 50 books

I’ve already got one down and have just started number two. I’ve keep the goal fairly low because I know it’ll be a busy year but I’m hoping I can achieve this one. So far, I've read "The little book of Hygge" and what to continue reading more non-fiction and happiness-themed books.

5. Be more creative

I love to make and decorate little clay ornaments to take my mind off everything. This year I want to expand my horizons and make some new projects. I've been trying to do one creative thing every day and am determined to continue that into 2021.

6. Post at least once a week on blog

I’m determined to make my posts a lot more regular and a lot more relevant. This is a high priority and something I’m really working on getting done. 

7. Go to Halloween horror nights

This has been a bucket list item of mine forever, and with the inclusion of Stranger Things and American Horror Story I’m more excited than ever to go. Even though it hasn’t been announced, I'm excited to see some new houses in September.

8. Organise a monthly budget

Spending three months in Florida is the most expensive thing I’ve ever done and is going to mean that I need to seriously save before I go. Although I have always maintained a budget, I want to be able to save a much larger amount than usual, so I’ll need to make some major changes. 

9. Do keys to the kingdom

This is a tour that I’ve been dying to do for years and now that I’m going to be spending a fair amount of time in Disney World, it seems like the best time to do it. With the release of Disney Plus in the UK this year and the new documentary series, The Imagineering Story, I think this will be a great time to check out the tour!

10. Keep a journal

I started to keep a journal when I started university, but found that I lost interest towards the end of term. When I was using the journal, I was far more productive and relaxed, knowing I was on top of everything. This year I want to commit to using my journal not just to stay organised but to keep track of memories and great moments. 

11. Make new friends

This year will bring a lot of new beginnings and a lot of new faces. I want to do new things with new people and be able to maximise my fun in Florida. 

12. Be positive

University, Travel and new starts; all pretty stressful things that can throw any one off their rhythm.  Keeping a positive mindset and learning to focus on the bright side is something that’ll be difficult to work out but will be more rewarding than any of the other points. This year I'm going to remain positive and will be putting a million and ten percent into everything, because things are about to change.


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